All Truck + Trailer Templates Collection Pack [50 + Template]

Collection Pack of over 50 template for all Trucks + SCS Trailers.
There are European, American and Russian trucks templates.

Enjoy this package!



6 thoughts on “All Truck + Trailer Templates Collection Pack [50 + Template]

  1. There are some truck templates left out:

    Mercedes-Benz Actros MP1 MegaSpace
    CAT CT660
    Ural 6464
    Tatra Phoenix
    Freightliner FLB
    ZiL 130/131
    GAZ 3308
    ZiL 5423
    Renault Major
    Iveco Strator
    Scania Series 1
    Peterbilt 351

    Do please add them as well if possible. Thanks. Otherwise, good template finds.

    1. JonTheVGNerd

      Don’t forget the VW Constellation. Even that deserves its own truck template too.

  2. scaniamann144

    you forgot the Scania 4 series by RJL as well

    1. That too. Thanks for pointing out.

    2. OneRandomSkinner

      As a matter of fact, it does include it! RJL placed it there as “4 series parts.png” so try searching for it. just copy the whole image onto your normal/topline cabs, and you are good to go!

  3. Gabriel's Channel

    Does this pack include Volvo FH500?

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