Ferry Connection: Southern Region and TSM Map

This mod add ferry connection between Novorossiysk and Iraklio (Greece).
Work with TSM Map v6.6 and Southern Region v6.5.2 (and + RusMap v1.7.2)
Attention!!! The port of Novorossiysk works only for the export of goods and cargo.
For a better view, this mod also changes the zoom of the map.
Set with a higher priority than all maps.

TSM TEAM, Southern Region Team, dobr4060


4 thoughts on “Ferry Connection: Southern Region and TSM Map

  1. dobr4060, не мешало бы в описании добавить, что в моде использованы элементы моего фикса TSM+SR 🙂
    Mod includes fix for work TSM and SR by SlavikSD

  2. Where I can find tsm 6.6

  3. dobr4060,
    thanks for the Ferry-Mod.
    But: When I arrive in Russia, the Truck is on the Head in the Water.
    Only Solution: F7, to Garage.
    Can you fix this please ?

  4. As JoachimK says, I see exactly the same bug. It is impossible to take the ferry from Iraklio to Russia!

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