Allfrakt Combo Pack

Skin for Volvo fh 16 by pendragon,
trailer skin inluded,
lightbox texture included

Reccomended configuration:

6×2 chassis,
NTM Box,
NTM parlocks

Required mods:

Kraker NTM addon for volvo fh 16
Volvo fh 16 by pendragon
NTM Full semitrailers

Respect my work, if share keep the original link
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2 thoughts on “Allfrakt Combo Pack

  1. KattBjorn92

    can u make it to Eugenes Volvo?

    1. shouldn’t be any problems as it is the same truck …. same filepath’s and textures works for both trucks without issues
      (I have my skin for this company either on pendragons Volvo or Eugene’s truck… )

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