Kogel DHL Trailer

DHL Kogel trailer for ETS2 1.31x
–Place it into Documents/EuroTruckSimulator2/Mod
-Do NOT redistribute Without my permission!
–If you wish to reskin you may, However Before uploading message me https://twitter.com/_Provrs Otherwise your mod will be reported



3 thoughts on “Kogel DHL Trailer

  1. Sorry, but have you ever seen a real DHL-Trailer ?

  2. Faelandaea

    “-Do NOT redistribute …”

    Considering it looks nothing at all like a DHL trailer I do not think you have to worry about this 🙂

  3. For real guys, does it give you any satisfaction bringing people down and talk down about people’s work?
    @JoachimK – your comment is pretty okay, but @Faelandaea’s comment was pretty distasteful.

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