Alternative Physics Mod v 1.0


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This is my alternative to the real physics mods that are on the market for ETS2. Works best with the game default breaking intensity. It works also very well with 75% breaking intensity for trucks which don’t have powerful engines.
Just unzip the scs file into the mod folder of the game. You can use, modify the mod the way you may wish for your future projects, just give me the credits.

Author: Prince_Vlad


5 Responses to Alternative Physics Mod v 1.0

  1. Sort says:

    Have seen a few of these but no one really do any difference.
    Please show me your work m8.

  2. Theo says:

    Random question, what language did you code this in?


  3. Sourc3 says:

    Do I tip over if i swing heavily with speed like 40 km/h?

  4. matpol98 says:

    Next time, dont link the video to a playlist, it will only show the latest video added which in this case isnt the right one…

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