Alternative Swap Body Addon For M.A.N F2000 By XBS

M.A.N F2000
-Load Order
Swap M.A.N
Swap By Sebastian
Mod dependecy

I thank adarf33Mods for the chassis…



7 thoughts on “Alternative Swap Body Addon For M.A.N F2000 By XBS

  1. TruckerGermany

    Echt gut gemacht gefällt mir. Würde es mir sehr wünschen bei dem Mercedes-Benz New Actros L-Cab

    1. Hello,will be available soon… 🙂

  2. GermanETS2Driver

    Normaly XBS give no permission so maybe the swap body from sebastian is okay but why you include the trucks in the download? Because now people get F2000 but with your link. Only swap body for F2000 would be better for truck mod authors.

    1. No Special permission needed because I am Etophia XD…jokes apart,I also put truck in the file because I do some editing for swap mod compatibility issue.. btw I’ve been doing that since and nobody said anything,it is XBS turn(ehm is not correct) I don’t get it guys…

  3. gertrucker

    I literally see only black. The whole chassis is jet black for me.

    This is probably because the *.dds (DDS files) are only saved in DirectX format.

    Maybe this could be fixed in the next versions.

    1. Ohh.. you run ets 2 through OpenGl… sorry it is not compatible.
      Directx only

  4. Silas Müller

    Bei Mir stürtzt das Game nur ab

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