American Truck Pack 1.15.x 1.16.x


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Freightliner Century: Volvo galleries
Freightliner Coronado: Merc gallery
K100: Daf gallery
Kenworth_long: Man Gallery
Kenworth_t660: Man Gallery
Kenworth_t800: Daf gallery
Kenworth_t2000: Scania gallery
Kenworth_w900arc: Daf gallery
Kenworth W900L: Iveco gallery
Peterbilt 379: Man Gallery
peterbilt387: Man Gallery
Volvo VNL 670: Volvo Gallery



34 thoughts on “American Truck Pack 1.15.x 1.16.x

  1. love the video :D…..hope u guys fix the mirror problem with the kenworth w900 long…and head light issue with peterbilt 379….

  2. Nice mate, But exclude the Volvo, There Swedish

    1. Down_Spool

      yeah Volvo’s are Swedish but if am not mistaken the VNL series is only for the north American market

      1. You are certainly not mistaken 😛

  3. what program r u using to open the file none of what i use will open it someone help me i want this mod in my game

    1. use winrar, then extract .scs files to

      documents/ETS2/mods folder

  4. Pooch.379

    are they for 16x or no?

  5. All trucks operate with 16x

    1. Pooch.379

      alright. thanks eh

      1. Sadly, not fully compliant, some still have redundant engine entries, some still don’t have the needed engine capacity entries.
        And still we don’t see any way to remove annoying Wimples etc from the interior.
        Yes, it works on 1.16, but, it leaves messy #### in the game-log file still.

  6. peterbilt387. Speedometer should be in mph, not in kph…

    1. Yeah, right! There is much work yet. For example:
      1. Very small front mirrors (Example: VOLVO)
      2. For some models, no information on the extent of the gearbox
      3. For some models have a very poor option for update

      I really hope that soon everything will be repaired because it is very, very impressive mod and should not be forgotten!
      Congratulations to the authors!!!

      Да, правильно! Существует еще много работы. например:
      1. Очень маленькие передние зеркала (пример: Volvo)
      2. Для некоторых моделей, нет информации о степени коробкой передач
      3. Для некоторых моделей имеют очень плохой вариант для обновления

      Я очень надеюсь, что скоро все будет отремонтировано, потому что это очень, очень впечатляет мода и не должны быть забыто!
      Поздравляем авторов

      1. One a small board to the authors:
        Reduce the degree of a reflection! There is too much chrome. All parts are very shining and reflect the as the mirror in my bathroom

        1. Маленький совет автору:
          Уменьшить степень отражения! Существует слишком много хрома. Все детали очень яркие и отражают как в зеркале в моей ванной. Это не реально! 🙂
          Вы понимаете?
          Verstehen Sie?

      2. got to agree with Vader, a good set of mods, slightly screwed up because the mods are not fully 1.16 compliant, come on people, don’t you ever read you game log file when testing mods?

    2. Not necesary, if it is a canadian version it would have kph instead of mph

  7. when i use 7zip to un pack it it asks for a password please help

    1. Kush Cociane

      jon i use winzip n never have a problem with the scs files

  8. Kush Cociane

    can we get a sound update for the 900 arc

  9. this mod replace ets2 truks ?

  10. Kush Cociane

    Kriechbaum all i want is the cat sound. Please hook it up would greatly appreciate it.

  11. can any body make A video on you tube on how to modify american trucks for ets2 with blender program tool

  12. Nimeni.Altu

    there’s a bigger problem, the game frame drop very much when i travel on calais.. and it drops in the city’s to, CANT YOU DO NOTHING ABOUT THIS THING??? ….

  13. mickoy234

    none works on 1.16.2

    1. Nimeni.Altu

      they all work on 1.16….

      1. I didnt get the lagg…

      2. If your FPS are dropping I recommend reducing your graphics settings and trying again. Also thier is a mod in here somewhere that helps to increase FPS, have not tried it as my FPS is fine but i did spot it the other week, maybe that would help you? These mods have high poly counts so tend to make low end PCs drag a bit with FPS, more so in cities with a lot of “stuff” going on. Good luck and keep her shiny side up!
        Never blame the mod!!!
        Found link to the FPS gain mod, try it, may help in your case. #rolling

        1. Didnt let me put link, try again.

          BTW this was @ Nimeni.Altu to increase FPS

  14. Kenworth Longhaul

    Yo, I got this mod on my game now, I can’t seem to find the Peterbilt’s. I see them driving down the road, but I can’t buy them anywhere.

    I also noticed that while I am driving some of the other trucks’ mirrors are pretty whacky and trip out as i am driving past etc. Don’t know what is up with that. But any help would be nice. thanks folks.

  15. Let’s Play American Truck Simulator Alpha Build 2015 Gameplay

  16. Rizky Jayadi

    It’s Crash In v 1.24 :3

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