Anadol Pickup V1R40 (1.38)

Fixed sound
Fixed color bug



4 thoughts on “Anadol Pickup V1R40 (1.38)

  1. Hello, I very like your mods and The Game but I have one question : Can You Please Tell me how to make Mods ? I mean Car Mods or Interior and haw to add things like persons in the interior 🙂 When not can you please make a mod for me ? I really want to have a car in game named Renault Avantime. Thank you very much and I hope I´ll get an Answer 😉

    You make Really good Mods.

    1. Octavian101

      Creating vehicle mods in ets2 is not easy. You must, first of all, learn to use Blender, then SCS tools, and next Fmod. Learning these programs and tools takes at least 1 year so good luck with that :))

  2. karsiyakali1912

    1.6 “İE”

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