Andreas Schubert Scania RJL


Skin Andreas Schubert for Scania RJL.





26 thoughts on “Andreas Schubert Scania RJL

  1. O my god ! so big thank you !!! i search along time this mod ! you save game thank you 🙂 so big thanks

  2. Why for Rjl & not normal Scania ?

    1. Is it RJL for?
      Do you have the link for color bullbar and lightbox?

  3. Download this link, because there is an mistake in first…sorry!

    1. Why just for RJL ? why not for normal Scania ?

  4. wardje100

    hi did you copy this ge skin and what to change here and there?
    wall I have just a few days ago made the skin for the RJL
    with everything in

  5. Where are the bulls ??

  6. Hello, front shields havent color :/ and lightbox?

  7. wrong letters…. it´s:
    A. (Andreas)
    S. (Schubert)
    T. (Transporte)
    …..and not shown in the pictures

    1. yeah, i know is it why i put a new link in comment, with A.S.T

  8. Jandemotorman

    Love the Schubert truck! And “Asphalt cowboys”. Tnx for the great paintjob. What are the other mods you use with this truck?

    1. Jandemotorman

      like the sidepanel, michelin guy, wheels, lights…

      1. Jandemotorman


  9. It’s not the original skin. No bulls and the letters AST are baah.

    1. Check comments, there is a link with mistake repair letter AST.
      but if you don’t like, don’t use it mate.

  10. So if you want to make a skin, do it right.

  11. SORRY !!
    Didn’t see the new pictures.
    Used to see the old skin.

    1. ragnar_modding


  12. can you send me the passkey to dds datei

  13. Mod funktioniert nicht nicht zu finden ….

  14. Mod funktioniert gut und sieht toll aus …lvl.1.32.

  15. Mod funktioniert gut …lvl.1.33.

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