Ronny ceusters skin for Scania RJL


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Hi, here is a skin Ronny Ceusters for Scania RJL.
Sorry i don’t know add sideskirt in template for painting.
Skin work with normal cab but not long.

Tested 1.18.x



14 thoughts on “Ronny ceusters skin for Scania RJL

  1. nportegies skins

    @G48; I have this template for you, with side skirts processed it

  2. Saina MAdagascar

    and please is there a link for the sideskirts?

      1. Whats the PW for the zip file?

  3. @nportegies skins
    Thank you so much!!!

  4. G48
    Excellent mod
    can you give me the password
    is it a private mod?
    Thank you

  5. weirdpersone

    Where did u you get the wheels from mate?

  6. My skin with sideskirt painted and door effect..( thx nportegies skins )

  7. nportegies

    No thanks G48, small effort to help each other.

  8. RobViguurs

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 Ronny Ceusters review

  9. Whats the PW for the zip file on the sideskirt?

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