Andreas Schubert Transporte Trailer

Andreas-Schubert-1 Andreas-Schubert-2 Andreas-Schubert-3

Version 1.21
Trailer is Aerodynamic

Author: Kelleci


7 thoughts on “Andreas Schubert Transporte Trailer

  1. Please standalone, and skin Bring

    1. leti7kedil

      wait bro i’m making it 🙂

      1. leti7kedil

        ####. I can’t making standalone.. Sorry man

  2. Please Standalone and Skin Bring

  3. Henrichvabis

    Hej Nice trailer, buy i can NOT find the trailer in the game.

    Sorry my bad english

  4. ChrisTrucker

    Hey Man there is No shadow on the trailer like when your driving you can not see the trailers shadow and when you driving or picking up the trailer the trailer it replaces quickly switches in to the Mod is this something you can fix please

  5. ChrisTrucker

    Since the New Wheel DLC Came Out The Trailer wont Spawn on the Game

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