Animated gates in companies v 1.8

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Supported versions of the game:
1.28.x + DLC Going East + DLC Scandinavia + DLC Vive la France

List of companies for which made the animation of the gate:
– Euroacres (Default)
– BCP (Default)
– NBFC (Default)
– Eurogoodies (Default)
– FCP (Default)
– ITCC (Default)
– Kaarfor (Default)
– Lkwlog (Default)
– Posped (Default)
– Quarry (Default)
– Sanbuilders (Default)
– Sellplan (Default)
– Skoda (Default)
– Stokes (Default)
– Tradeaux (Default)
– Trameri (Default)
– Transinet (Default)
– Tree_et (Default)
– Wgcc (Default)
– Polar_fish (Scandinavia)
– Ika_bohag (Scandinavia and France)
– Vitas_power (Scandinavia)
– Wilnet_trans (France)
– Gomme_monde (France)
– Boisserie (France)
– Ns Chemicals (Scandinavia)*
– Ns Oil (Scandinavia)*
– Chimi (France)*
– Huliant (France)*
– BHB Raffin (France)*
– Bjork (Scandinavia)*
– Dans Jardin (France)*
– Sag & Tre (Scandinavia)*
– Agronord (Scandinavia)**
– Norrsken (Scandinavia)**
– Globeur (France)**
– Drekkar (Scandinavia)**
– Tradeaux (France)**
– GNT (Scandinavia)**
– Lisette (France)**
– Renar (Scandinavia)***

-SCS -Schumi -To help test your mod on version 1.25.x and searching for bugs: CsewS -Author screenshots: CsewS -The author of the sound: AlexeyP


14 Responses to Animated gates in companies v 1.8

  1. jorgent97 says:

    Hd test…

  2. Falcon72 says:

    That is a useful mod but unfortunately you cannot pass while the gates are opening. I hope there will be a way to bypass this problem in the future.

  3. JoachimK says:

    Hello, Falcon72,
    I do not know, why you cannot going through?
    There are 2 Points, one when you go in and one when you go out.
    In the most of Time, the Doors resting open for a long While.

    @schumi – Thanks for the Update * Danke für die neue Version

    • Falcon72 says:

      Hello, you can see what i meant in my previous message by watching PDT’s video @1:26, He hits an invisible wall and bounces back when approaching the gates which are still opening. That is not realistic.

  4. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    Test Video…

  5. JoachimK says:

    OK, I´ve testing now a lot of times.
    Problem: At some Ferrys the Game ctd.
    I´ve trying A´dam – Stavanger and some other Ports, crashed.

    Can you please check it ? Thank you

  6. lordmodets2 says:

    very good, finally an original mod, maybe need some adjustments (in eurogoodies for example, it is difficult to get off when the trailer is closest to the gate), a suggestion, it would be nice if it were made for truck garages too, congratulations.

  7. Bart says:


  8. Gremlin says:

    When I click on download, sharemod messages file removed.
    Anyone have another link.

  9. Gremlin says:

    Ignore,, now working

  10. Human says:

    In city Touluse infrance game crashing

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