Animated Passengers

Animated passengers for buses and minibuses
Works on all cards except EAA BUS

EAA TEAM, losevo58


7 Responses to Animated Passengers

  1. yah says:

    hi. does it work on promods

  2. Mai says:

    Hi is it compatible with promods. Thanx

  3. Mai says:

    Compatible with promods

  4. BigJhon says:

    Stolen mod!

  5. madyogi says:

    Uploader: ATS-ETS2-FS = Cruise or better known as fly5656, same pictures on other sites

  6. Rodrigo says:

    Does not work on the NORMAL EAA map 🙁
    Can you correct it?
    Thank you!

  7. ev says:

    How much the add pages pay to you , 1 cent ? ¡ #### , you must be so hungry ¡

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