Antiradar (Anti Speed Camera) v 3.0 New Sound


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– New Sound
– Fixed bugs

When approaching speed cameras you hear a warning signal. Only works on the default map and the only mod on the train. Not shown on the map designated radar as in the previous version of the mod.

Only works with the mod on the train

Tested version 1.16.2

Authors: Schumi, TimKZ


11 Responses to Antiradar (Anti Speed Camera) v 3.0 New Sound

  1. Shogoon1984 says:

    Why not with other Maps Like TSM, Pro Mods or else?

  2. Lady Scania says:

    Shogoon it’s right.

  3. truckergeerard says:

    soon coming promods 1.9 ;can you make it work with Promods??? ore other maps.

  4. paulo says:

    deveria ter um que funcione com qualquer ,mapa não so com o original , pois a maioria dos jogadores m jogam com outros mapas (TSM,EAA,RBR, PROMODS, etc…) isso e´inviavel so para original, msm assim parabens pelo mods , ps funcionar tbm sem o mod de train.

  5. ETS2-User says:

    To all those wondering why it doesn’t work with other maps: Everything implemented in this mod was added in the map editor and saved, so actually this is a map mod. Making it compatible with other maps would mean adding all features on their territories and reuploading those maps, which would be piracy 😉

    • HAKA47 says:

      No piracy!
      Please reuploading all map,TSM,rus map, Pro Mods!
      for the community ets2!
      thank you very much!

  6. slicker55 says:

    A GREAT concept but one which should be implemented by SCS in the core program and all others who make add-on maps – simples!

  7. Flavio says:

    You’re great I put your anti velox in version 1.19 but there are problems, why not do it for this version for the whole of Europe you are a big?

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