Antiradar (Anti Speed Camera)


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When approaching speed cameras you hear a warning signal. Only works on the default map and the only mod on the train. Not shown on the map designated radar as in the previous version of the mod.

Only works with the mod on the train

Tested version 1.16.x

Author: Schumi


12 thoughts on “Antiradar (Anti Speed Camera)

  1. mod works but too quiet

  2. ca fonctionne avec promod

  3. Działa z ProMods i bez zalecanego pociągu.

  4. It works well. Thx.

  5. hallo!
    kanst du das auch machen für MHA und Promods Bitte danke

    1. slicker55

      what does this ‘fix’, fix?

  6. slicker55

    GREAT mod but warning sound is too quiet – please make it louder!

  7. slicker55

    Oh, didn’t see the ‘new fix’ (Ramzes_IV) before my last comment – will try this version.

  8. slicker55

    No…. sorry guys… thought I’d spoken too soon and so apologised in advance but I have now tried the ‘fixed’ version (as above) hoping the audio issue had been improved but it is still seems the same. This could be a BRILLIANT mod but the audio warning needs to be much louder – simply can’t hear it over the cabin noise and radio… please make the warning sound louder – it would be GREAT to have it working properly.

  9. plase tsm promod end mha plase thx

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