Arayas 1.3 Supertraffic (1.31-1.32)

A small file reworking the spawn frequency of the AI. Keep in mind, this traffic it’s obtained with g_traffic 1, the standard traffic unit for the base game. If you like pain increase this from 2-10. More trucks in the night, less cars and even less buses (see the video). In day time even more traffic, and hard traffic around 16.00 hours.
Place it above any map.
See the video for more info.



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6 thoughts on “Arayas 1.3 Supertraffic (1.31-1.32)

  1. Flavian WIETECKA

    Version : flying cars and crash trucks. But this is a very good mod.

    1. I’ve seen one, kinda funny. I have fixed that, next version on the way.

  2. A gdzie to video albo link do niego ?

  3. Both Traffic and Superlights in this video

  4. Updated 1.4 version on roextended site

  5. It was crash on 1.31 pls help…

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