Arayas AI Superlights 1.2 [1.30.xx]

Arayas AI Superlights 1.2 [1.30.xx]

Best night driving experience!! Check the video!

Change LOG for 1.2
– new files from 1.30.xx vanilla game, just 1 MB of data;
– no log errors
-tested in 1.30.xx version with Italia DLC, but not needed.

-reduced lights intensity to prevent to much glow in traffic jams;
-adjusted headlights angle to reduce the glow from interior of the truck much is possible;
-no more glowing dashboard from the car in the back, just from passing cars, a normal situation;
-new static modern lights (cold and warm colours) for every lamp on the street;
-revert to vanilla semaphores (are ok now);
-best lights reflections for blinkers, brake and stop on every car including AI.
-best side lights for every trailer (no more just DARK in the mirrors);
-best HDR control and bloom reduction;

Superlights 1.0 was to bright, 1.1 was good, this one is perfect! 🙂
Anyway, feedback is expected.

Work in every map, truck or car or trailer mod.
Priority high, above any map, traffic or weather mod.



2 thoughts on “Arayas AI Superlights 1.2 [1.30.xx]

  1. Thanks!!! love superlights!!!!

  2. Turnike gişe de sorun var. Bariyer kalkmıyor.

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