Map Jateng V2

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For ETS2 v1.27, 1.28, 1.30.

Feature Map Jateng V2
-11 City
-Left Traffic
-All dealer in Tegal city
-Highway tol
-No required DLC

Fix bug
-Invicible walls

Whats New:
-New road from Indramayu to Batang
-Small road for 1 truck / bus



23 thoughts on “Map Jateng V2

  1. is it addon or not and will it work on promods and rus map

  2. TheBanditMan67

    password please

    1. You can find the Password in the Password.txt in the Archiv.

      1. Maurice Chartrand

        Unable to extract the second file (map) without the password ?

  3. game crash

  4. To all!!! PASSWORD IS bukandonal

  5. Octavian102


    1. you must download two part of map

  6. breiner nieto

    Hello, please help me I want that map but I do not get the euro.mb please help me what should I do

    1. That means, that you have to active europe in the Menu.

  7. rar:bukandonal

    1. What is the new password, bukandonal is no longer accepted

  8. Arreglar entre Indramayu a Batang falta ruta hay un precipicio en el medio
    Arreglar entre Losarang y Pamanukan falta ruta

    1. Listo solucionado el error de falta de ruta puse los 3 archivos en alta y ahora si me muestra la continuacion de la ruta…

  9. This map is something of incompatible with many maps in addition comes if I have only the map in Profiel Italy completely separated from the map
    useless and finally writes ne load order with what the zussen runs

  10. ini harus donlod map jateng v1 dulu atau nggak?


    1.31 ETS 2 PLS update

  12. Will it works for v1.30.2.2


    Hey i have absolutely no sound of my trucks and also the power trucks seems too slow and they keeps stopping automatically

  14. Berkay Acar

    1.31 fix?

  15. Ridhul Krishna

    1.31 version says problem loading the save

  16. Name Name

    Can u make 1.34 version pls…

  17. Rajesh byali

    Bro please send profile mod

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