Map Jateng V2

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For ETS2 v1.27, 1.28, 1.30.

Feature Map Jateng V2
-11 City
-Left Traffic
-All dealer in Tegal city
-Highway tol
-No required DLC

Fix bug
-Invicible walls

Whats New:
-New road from Indramayu to Batang
-Small road for 1 truck / bus



20 Responses to Map Jateng V2

  1. karl says:

    is it addon or not and will it work on promods and rus map

  2. TheBanditMan67 says:

    password please

    • JoachimK says:

      You can find the Password in the Password.txt in the Archiv.

      • Maurice Chartrand says:

        Unable to extract the second file (map) without the password ?

  3. fabian says:

    game crash

  4. Ribby says:

    To all!!! PASSWORD IS bukandonal

  5. Octavian102 says:


  6. breiner nieto says:

    Hello, please help me I want that map but I do not get the euro.mb please help me what should I do

    • JoachimK says:

      That means, that you have to active europe in the Menu.

  7. oıuytre says:


  8. walter says:

    Arreglar entre Indramayu a Batang falta ruta hay un precipicio en el medio
    Arreglar entre Losarang y Pamanukan falta ruta

    • walter says:

      Listo solucionado el error de falta de ruta puse los 3 archivos en alta y ahora si me muestra la continuacion de la ruta…

  9. zuputo says:

    This map is something of incompatible with many maps in addition comes if I have only the map in Profiel Italy completely separated from the map
    useless and finally writes ne load order with what the zussen runs

  10. irvan says:

    ini harus donlod map jateng v1 dulu atau nggak?

  11. ETS 2 COK SEVİYORUM says:

    1.31 ETS 2 PLS update

  12. Pradeep says:

    Will it works for v1.30.2.2


    Hey i have absolutely no sound of my trucks and also the power trucks seems too slow and they keeps stopping automatically

  14. Berkay Acar says:

    1.31 fix?

  15. Ridhul Krishna says:

    1.31 version says problem loading the save

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