Arayas Mod No Mirrors [1.30.xx]

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Well it’s not realistic but in real life the field of view from your driving seat it’s much bigger.
In ETS you can’t see nothing in your side window because your mirror
it’s blocking your view.
With this mod you can make side mirrors invisible from the inside of the cabin
but not from outside.
A picture replace 1000 words, see the photos.

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15 thoughts on “Arayas Mod No Mirrors [1.30.xx]

  1. victor198134

    и нахуя это надо было?!

  2. in real life the mirrors at the same place and will block your view.

    funny mod. 😀

  3. Not Real Life 🙁

  4. In real life you dont need the mouse to turn your head. Anyway seem that a few people find this useful. 🙂

  5. Arayas. i have no probems with your mod, why i should have?
    but what you say about real life is simply nonsens.

    for sure it´s easyer in real life, but in fact it not change the situation.
    in real life the mirrors still at same position and will block your view if you watch there. 😉

  6. So the argument of this unrealistic mod is that the game is not realistic ? Okey… xD

  7. Not work for me. Place to top in mod manager and not work. How it work? I played Scania S 2016. Sorry for my english

    1. I’ve created this mod for my personal use sience ETS2 1.19 and it worked fine regarding all the updates. For sure you do something wrong.

  8. what is this for a ####

  9. recommended weak/mid pc with mini mirrors mod…fps up to 20%

  10. antonio sanchez

    You could do another one for ATS, it would be great. Thanks for doing this mod.

  11. The Jammer

    So how do you, I don’t know check to see if there’s someone on the back? XD

    1. I use virtual mirrors. BTW, i have a C driving license (truck category) and real mirrors are a little bit up on the door frame and thay are not so big to block your 10 o’clock directional view.

  12. NajamPepette

    the mod does not work at home I do not know why!

  13. In real life the mirrors are indeed on same place than ingame but one can move its head left/right/front/back to see better.
    On my PC moving the head doesn’t help.

    Works fine on version Beta (x64) with a DAF XF.

    Thanks so much !

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