Argentina Map v 1.0 BETA

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Mar del Plata
Buenos Aires (c.a.b.a)
La Plata
San Miguel del Monte
Las Flores
General Belgrano
Benito Juarez

Author: TTcsdmsalgado96


19 Responses to Argentina Map v 1.0 BETA

  1. Sergio Pinto says:

    o autor poderia ter feito o mapa como complemento, pois assim não precisaria ter inicio com um novo perfil.

  2. TTcsdm96 says:

    for version 1.16.2

  3. Ema says:

    Para una futura actualización no podrías meter a Quilmes? Está la Autopista La Plata-Buenos Aires?

  4. emiliano says:

    Arreglaron el problema de La Rioja-Córdoba.? Porque en esa ruta no te deja pasar llegando a Córdoba el camino esta cortado por las vallas amarillas. Un saludo desde Argentina

  5. paulo says:

    por favor , teria como deixar esse mapa compativel (complemento _ com outros mapas (TSM,PROMODS, MARIO MAP, ETC ) ficaria muito bom pois assim não precisaria criar novo perfil ou outro jogo , gostaria muito de ter esse mapa em meu jogo como complemento dos mapas que uso obrigado.

  6. ExperimentalTrucker says:

    Hello. Here are some deliveries that were completed….

    Lujan to Loberia 1475km run

    Lujan to Mar del Plata 1086km run

    Mar del Plata to Benito Juarez 591km run

    • HaHa says:

      In the first video u have Estonian police and ambulance vehicles in Argentina? XD

  7. Beth says:

    2 Things. Picture Called Argentina 1 Has No Road Connections To Other Cities. And Picture Called Argentina 2 There Are 2 Cities Called Lobos.
    See These Pictures
    Amazing Map Otherwise 🙂

    • TTcsdm96 says:

      because it’s a new way to edit a map
      I make a city and then I copy and stick it in the right place

    • TTcsdm96 says:

      but i forgot to delete some cities as for example LOBOS

  8. Beth says:

    Also Some Signs Need Changing. While Driving Around Buenos Aires I Saw Signs For Bremen And Other German Cities. Nice Map For Start Though :).

  9. lucas says:

    sirve para euro truck 1 ??

  10. Diego says:

    Hola alguien tiene el link de descarga del maps de Argentina … porque el que aparece esta caido, muchas gracias

  11. Roman says:

    y el link

  12. leo says:


  13. joaquin says:

    para que version es?

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