As Stable Physics for 1.26.x


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Very good. I bring a small mod here. The mod directly affects the behavior of the truck on the road and makes the driving a lot more bearable for those who do not like to be flipping over and over again. Therefore, if what you like is a behavior as real as possible, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS MOD.
The behavior directly affects the distribution of braking, mass of the truck, tendency to understeer, cabin inclination, resistance to air, tire grip and a host of other things. All this is corrected enough with the activation of the mod. In the attached video you can see the behavior with and without the mod, without touching adjustments or anything else activating it.

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3 thoughts on “As Stable Physics for 1.26.x

  1. spartacus33

    Ola… muy bien eso !!!
    Thanks to that very good alternative idea… & more contact in the road in high speed truck when in driving

  2. Rockeropasiempre

    thanks spartacus33

  3. arthur vince

    I like those Cabin Acc. in the Youtube movie, specialy the speedometer on the TomTom.. gr. from a Carmen Jorda

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