Astra v4 new Update

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All overlays, Model edits, Convert, Audio Convert: TRZPRO
Some OPC Parts: Emre Değirmencioğlu
Some Models: Fuat Aydogdi
Some Special Jobs: Berkay Pekesen

9 wheels: a4, s5, rs7, astraj, astraj businnes, opc
8 front bumper:
astra k, opc, insignia opc, scirocco r, 2011 astra, 2013 astra
5 rear bumper
original, diffuser original, opc
4 side skirts
2 spoilers
4 wheels
2 hood masks
6 chassis:
lower back raised
detachable front back plates
cabin dlc
all animations are working
all the mirrors are working and the original sounds

You can buy from all the galleries.

Unauthorized editing of the mode and reloading of the file is prohibited.



8 thoughts on “Astra v4 new Update

  1. Kris scania

    Doesn’t work on 1.31

  2. Can make a SAAB 95? (please reply)

    1. or a saab 93?

      1. EmirBARDAKÇI


        1. POPOPOOOOO

  3. password

  4. Thnx For Yr Car <3

  5. Horrible plagiarism of the Skoda number 10028 (at least fixes the errors of the previous version. You really don’t know how to do anything better than this?)

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