Megane 2 V3 NEW MODEL

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Compatible Game Version: 1.28.x
But I tried it at 1.30.x tried.

Vehicle features:

2 Interior
Hatchback – Sedan
Hatchback 4, Sedan 3 options
1.6 16V select your own engine sound
All animations are running (display, handbrake, windscreen wipers, etc.)
Rear cama can add pictures and text
It can add karlik
GPS option
Metallic Color
AO coating
6-7 wheel option
Those who passed away: Berkay Pekesen, Kağan Göktürk, Hüseyin Beşparmak, TRzPro



5 Responses to Megane 2 V3 NEW MODEL

  1. edsor says:

    Horrible plagiarism from Skoda number 10014. Cheer up, there’s less to the number one million!!!!!

  2. PTibor says:

    Please fix the tachometer the next version! Thanks!
    (I like your mods)

  3. Andrei says:

    Can you mame Renault laguna 2 2006, break and Berlin?Please I want this car so much!!!!???

  4. ehune01 says:

    Test drive on different roads and show features.

  5. Lolo_gto says:


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