ATS Euromaster Garage Skin

ATS-Euromaster-Garage-Skin-1 ATS-Euromaster-Garage-Skin-2

ATS Euromaster Large Garage Skin

Authors: Millsyb, Pete379jp


6 Responses to ATS Euromaster Garage Skin

  1. james says:

    I don’t normally make request but would it be possible to upload this with say a company name of “Aussie Haul” I run this co profile but unfortunately I’m useless when it comes to modding my own stuff. I’m sure if you could do this a few good ol Aussie boys down under would appreciate it

    • james says:

      Also because its in traditional green and gold
      with thanks

  2. Endre says:

    could u let us edit? i like it but i would like my own company

  3. Freddy Jimmink says:

    This 1 You can edit Yourself and in NOT locked, btw this is the Original garage!

  4. Endre says:

    tx man 🙂

  5. Andy says:

    Look here for a moddable version 🙂

    Skinned from this and is locked to stop modifications without asking

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