Custom Large Garage Type A B

Custom-Large-Garage-Type-A-B-2 Custom-Large-Garage-Type-A-B-1 Custom-Large-Garage-Type-A-B-4 Custom-Large-Garage-Type-A-B-3

– All entrance doors were automatic doors was changed, and 3 Track has taken the back door
– Trucks are randomly parked in the other tracks
– The sensor of automatic doors has been reduced. (Recommended approach speed is 20 km / h or less.)
– Several product added to the in and around the garage
– You can edit the internal images and company names board

Authors: SCS Software, pete379jp


18 Responses to Custom Large Garage Type A B

  1. eliaknuj says:

    How do you change the things in the board?

  2. Threassaw says:


    Many Thanks 🙂

  3. Madatij says:

    Are the parked trucks the ones that you own or just random ones?

  4. MrSoultaker1990 says:

    if u edit the headboard it will crash ur game my dad has dne that

  5. Madatij says:

    It says the trucks are randomly parked which means it’s not specified where they are.

  6. Threassaw says:

    I can´t find Type A…

    I think you’ve got an mistake. You’re the type B done two times in the archive. So type A with the board on the fence there is not.

  7. Chris says:

    Same here, type b is in both files

  8. pako_k17 says:

    where i place the template??

  9. Ianwigan says:

    pako open the scs file and drop your dds in the folder inside and replace company board dds with your file but rename it the same file as you replace and should work ok well does for me

  10. rush_man says:

    thanks , at least not one locked !!

  11. Leon says:

    How do you change the companyname on the board outside?

  12. KNIGHTWING_222 says:

    When I edited the company board, i get a green board on top of the garage. What am I doing wrong.

  13. Maersk says:

    I have only used the “B” version, but the company sign, does not show up on any of my “large” garages?

    Why is that. ?
    The mod is placed in the correct mod folder and is active in the game…

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