ATS Truck Pack for ETS2 Platinum Collection [Fixed Version]


All Trucks sale in showroom IVECO [Independent Slots]

Fixed Version:
Fixed All Bugs
Fixed work in Dealer
Fixed work in Company
Fixed work in Desktop
Fixed works at all maps
Full adaptation to the latests version: 1.25.xx – 1.26.xx and higher
Tested versions: []

SCS, MaxAgent


16 thoughts on “ATS Truck Pack for ETS2 Platinum Collection [Fixed Version]

  1. Why are there the same images than the EAA Map?

    1. antek9316


  2. 34/5000
    Please explicatimi me what is?

    1. can someone explain me what this mod is?Thanks

    2. Here, take the short link to the original. Is description how it works:

  3. video
    ETS2_Scania_R730_Streamline_Recovery Truck

  4. as a comparison with another pack, this one is much better and errors free:
    @nykyyy: these packs bring ATS trucks in ETS2. it’s a good job 🙂

  5. Password for edit sii file please?

  6. It seems that the pack contains all american trucks you can use with ETS2 ?! I suppose…

  7. Link by Term99: http-://

    1. we think the same 😉 look above to my comment

  8. hello thx !!!!i tested scs peterbilt and truck is very good and fps is super but sounds total broken,now i use kriechbaum sounds…working perfect.i cutted peterbilt out this pack and optimized…now i have very good 389.lets make better sounds this pack thx

  9. swift Trans

    still no jake brakes???

  10. dragonfly

    Why the hell are the files password protected. Either take this mod off the sites, not lock the files for others to fix your errors or fix it yourself. The JAKE BRAKES DONT WORK. Do something about it or stop putting pw on the files so I and others can fix it ourselves. Its not ‘FIXED’. It has no sounds for the engine brakes.

  11. Hallo wie sieht es den aus für 1.27 das die da auch wieder gehen

  12. Tom Keech

    is there any plans to update this for 1.28 ?

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