USA Trucks by Term99 v2.1.0.7


Upgrade your truck pack to version 2.1.0. Added Kenworth T600

Term99, mario1961


13 thoughts on “USA Trucks by Term99 v2.1.0.7

  1. Love this, but really want it could come with the original engine sound from ats…not this disgusting one!

    1. I mean those 4 from ats (kw w900, t680 & pb 579, 389)

      while the others are just fine….

  2. Thanks for this pack, very nice job indeed! I was skeptical because there were no european dealers assigned for the trucks but I discovered a US dealer in Warsaw and all promised trucks.
    the good part is that these trucks are fully updated to the latest version and most important there are no errors in the game log. thus the names of the trucks require small corrections (in data.sii of every truck).
    the only truck that is better individually is Peterbilt 389 but there is no conflict if using that mod too.

  3. Love this mod but i get a crash whenever i try to upgrade the truck help?

    1. following the logic it may not work in other game version than 1.26. if still crashes you may have other truck mods that have their accessories. if some trucks are outdated it will generate a crash certainly when update any truck. from what I noticed the truck mods with the highest number of errors are the outdated Freightliner Coronado and Classic, all Mercedes-Benz of JbArtMods, all Zil trucks, Renault Range T and all other Kenworth models.

  4. I am fairly new to the game (and love it btw) but is it normal that I only have running sounds in every view/position around the truck however its completely silent in the cab? I hear all outside noises but nothing related to the vehicle.

    1. you could try the Sound fixes pack of Drive Safely. place it above all trucks and should fix any problem you might have. otherwise if your trucks are packed with any other method than “Store” the ogg sound files of those trucks will not be readable.

  5. tobias123

    Where can a find the dealership?

  6. i installed the mods,where i can find them to buy ?

  7. for a while I had the USA dealer in the list of dealers, now it disappeared (perhaps a conflict with another mod?). however the USA dealer are still found in Warsaw and Munich so no problem

  8. could you fix the bumper slots? I mean I’D love to use leds on it, but they are unavailable (so are the roof slots for lights and horns). Only thebullbar and the roof bar works.
    p.s.: probably not the mod’s issue, but I have an annoying problem with chrome parts, they are green/red/etc

    1. almost forgot, is there a way to turn off these trucks in traffic? I want to feel “unique”, and almost all the trucks are replaced which gives me fps drops as well (it’s this mod, when I turn it off, the spikes are gone)

  9. Any chance for 1.27 update? Thanks for great and fps friendly mod.

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