ATS Trucks Final Edition for ETS 2

English: You can use all American trucks in ETS 2 now.
You can buy it in Renault dealer.
It contains the following trucks:
*Kenworth T680
*Kenworth W900
*Peterbilt 389
*Peterbilt 579
Working in 1.30.x

v2.0 Changelog
-Add front right mirror.
-Fixed cable texture error and beacon texture error.

Türkçe: Artık tüm amerikan tırlarını ETS 2’de kullanabilirsiniz.
Renault galerisinden satın alabilirsiniz.
Şu tırları içerir:
*Kenworth T680
*Kenworth W900
*Peterbilt 389
*Peterbilt 579
1.30.x sürümünde çalışıyor.

v2.0 Yenilikler
-Ön sağ aynalar eklendi.
-Tüm hatalar ve kaplama hataları giderildi.

This mod is my work.
Respect my work, if share keep the original link.
Please dont re-apload without the author’s link.
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19 thoughts on “ATS Trucks Final Edition for ETS 2

  1. hello the mod has become great but the tires have to be reworked that were very cool of you thanks

  2. Volvo Vnl 680 ve 780 serilerini de ekler misin?

  3. Mr. Tannill

    Same problem, no left hood mirror?

  4. rar şifresini söyler misin kardeşim?

  5. Hi Friend, the Trucks are missing the DLC paint from ATS and the
    steering wheels customization. Also the lights on the Trucks are missing from customization thats available on the ATS verzion.
    Can u please update the mod and make this things working?
    Anyway, thanks its a great mod, i just pointed out the stuff missing that is available in the original Trucks
    Keep up the good work

  6. Turn-and-burn

    All tire, wheel, paint and body light upgrades work for me. Right side hood mirror is really all you need (love it). Took the ‘Walk About’ and Custom gauge Mods for all the American trucks from ATS. Work just fine. No version errors. One kind of cool thing. Digital read out is kilometers including the cruise set, but the analog dial reads mph. Actually…I like that. The High. Low split buttons are reversed on my Logitech wheel from the Euro trucks. Just a quick change in the ‘options’ if I change trucks. Far as I’m concerned this is the best working mod out there.

  7. any chance of a interior with large kmt on the dial

    1. Turn-and-burn

      You could download Gimp (free). it will do DDS files. Then open the mod archive in the games ‘mod’ folder location. Go to the ‘Truck/Interior files. That’s where the .dds files are. You’ll see the Double pick to get ‘open with Gimp’ option. Be creative. I’ve changed a few game files. ATS, ETS2, Skyrim, etc, etc..

      1. its password protected..

  8. Turn-and-burn

    No roof light choices on W900.

  9. @Turn-and-burn:
    All the trucks are missing the customization of roof lights and sirens, and the paint from dlc: dragon, christams, halloween, and so on that are available on the original trucks in ATS verzion of the game.
    Also the steering wheels inside of the truck are not available, the one with the colts, the hearts or the dragon, its also a DLC for ATS.
    Like i sad i my previous post, it would be cool if they can ad this in an update of the mod

    1. Turn-and-burn

      Yeah. I see what your saying. Guess I’ve been out of ATS for a while. Big disappointment driving a 3 State sand box all the time. You can tell ETS2 is their priority especially for scenery. How ever like I said you can get mods for ATS that may suit your needs and drop them in ETS2 like I did with the dashboard gauge sets and walk about with no version errors. I didn’t see the problem at first cause I did the Pete 579. Noticed the missing items with the W900. But it’s still dam good…:-D

  10. Дайте пожалуйста пароль от архива. Вы наверное не понимаете что без шагающей в спальный отсек камеры все эти моды дерьмо.

  11. Mack Anthem, International Prostar, Peterbilt 567, Volvo VNR 640, Kenworth T700, Freightliner 122SD 🙂

  12. caoge12138

    hi there,
    but cloud you tell the password?
    i can hardly find it

    1. Hi!
      I need the password for the mod archive to adjust the camera.

  13. Tigrix95s

    Its nice work! But please, new update with cabin DLC and for Sisl´s mega pack 🙂

  14. Tigrix95s

    Please, add to ATS trucks Cabin DLC, thanx

  15. Myeongji Seo

    files are broken…

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