ATS Trucks v3.0 for ETS 2

English: You can use all American trucks in ETS 2 now.
You can buy it in Renault dealer.
It contains the following trucks:
*Kenworth T680
*Kenworth W900
*Peterbilt 389
*Peterbilt 579
Working in 1.31.x
v2.0 Changelog
-Add front right mirror.
-Fixed cable texture error and beacon texture error.
v3.0 Changelog
-Adapted to version v1.31.x
-Added trailer cables.
-Added DLC Dragon,Christmas,
Steering Wheel
Türkçe: Artık tüm amerikan tırlarını ETS 2’de kullanabilirsiniz.
Renault galerisinden satın alabilirsiniz.
Şu tırları içerir:
*Kenworth T680
*Kenworth W900
*Peterbilt 389
*Peterbilt 579
1.31.x sürümünde çalışıyor.
v2.0 Yenilikler
-Ön sağ aynalar eklendi.
-Tüm hatalar ve kaplama hataları giderildi.
v3.0 Yenilikler
-Versiyon 1.31’e uyarlandı.
-Dorse kabloları eklendi
-DLC Dragon,Christmas,Hallowen,
Steampunk,Valentine,Steering Wheel

This mod is my work.
Respect my work, if share keep the original link.
Please dont re-apload without the author’s link.
You can share videos on YouTube.
You can put video link here.



10 Responses to ATS Trucks v3.0 for ETS 2

  1. Kei says:

    The Peterbilt 579 in hook up trailer with European trailers doesn’t crashed the cabin anymore…..

  2. ismail ozdemir says:

    pakete t800 ekleyebilirseniz çok sevinirim…. özellikle 8×4′ te olursa güzel olur… kolay gelsin..

  3. SonSamsunlu says:

    Stolen mod, these are MY work.

    • ThiefHunter says:

      To be fair, this isn’t exactly your work either. As far as I’m concerned, these trucks were created by SCS Software for American Truck Simulator. What you’ve done is purely converted assets (from a paid-for game, mind) to another game, which I’m sure there’s laws against doing such things (unless you managed to get permission from SCS Software). Also, I hope you haven’t included the Steering Creations DLC either in your package, which again is stealing PAID-FOR assets and releasing them for free over the internet.

      It’s piracy, plain and simply.

  4. Bhagwant123 says:

    Please make it ets2 v. also

  5. JESAN says:

    Still a bit of work :
    1- sound ogg files should not be compressed
    2- no hood left mirror
    3- truck-desktop folder is missing (no truck display in browser)
    I managed to solve 1 and 3 for myself but not 2 (array outside boundaries ?!)

  6. Jess says:

    The mod does not work on 1.31

  7. Drony Play.BR says:

    ola. tem que atualizar urgentemente este mod para ets2

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