Audi A6 Stance 1.35×1.36

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Engine Sound
– Independent “Independent”
– Inner
– Standard, Metallic Color
– 2 rims
– Printing opinion
– Body Lockable

Animations Available
– Signal Arm Animation
– Wiper Arm Animation
– Outer, Internal Wiper Works Smoothly.
– Warning Animations
– Animated Odor Ornament

Contributors: Mert İrşi, Artin Kazanciyan, Berkay Aksoy
Exit the Vehicle Mod Dealer.


Motor Sesi
-Bağımsızdır “Standalone”
-Standart,Metalik Renk
-2 Adet Jant
-Spoiler Seçenekli
-Body Kit Seçenekli

Mert İrşi,Artin Kazanciyan,Berkay Aksoy


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19 thoughts on “Audi A6 Stance 1.35×1.36

  1. Dovleac Florin

    Can you make Skoda Octavia 2 Facelift please ?

  2. jayontheway228
  3. Please, do the Hymer BKlasse camper or another camper on Fiat Ducato.
    Ale 😉

    1. Renegade_Trucking

      No, please not! This is a trucking game. Not a car driver, camping, bus driver or racing game! Add trucks or trailer, tuning parts or other modifications for our trucks. But please please please: Do no more cars or other nonsense. Thank you very much!

      1. You are not right. If you want to play roleplay you need these modes, the more modes, the better!

  4. Can you make a Dacia Duster 2019 please?

  5. man+pls+make+an+audi+with+a+good+interior+not+an+AUDI+A6+with+interior+from+an+a4+2010+I

  6. man make please mustang for 1.36 a new mustang

  7. Una pregunta cómo se compra el auto que no me salen en ningún concesionario ayudemen plis

  8. Phanathos

    Hey, this mode is standalone ?

  9. An ETS2 player

    Absolutely terrific job you did there, thanks for this amazing mod!
    It’s great to finally see something that is not an obvious modification of the good old Skoda Superb. It drives awesome!

    If I might have a few requests: could you please set the default driving position a bit closer and higher so that we can see the speedometer? Also, can you please make the rear lights a bit brighter please?

    Otherwise, great mod, keep doing what you’re doing!

  10. Millennium

    Can we have audi RS3

  11. Outside is ok.Interior is from a6 c6 and the engine sound is from GTA San Andreas tractor.

  12. bad, it makes the game lag and you can’t even repair the car, ### man?

  13. plz audi tt cabrio

  14. ets.kamil

    1.37 please

  15. Can you make please a Rolls Royce Phantom , Cullinan , Ghost , Wraith , Dawn , Black Badge ?

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