Audi RS4

Audi-RS-4-1 Audi-RS-4-2

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New version Audi RS4 Car
Stronger engine, new transmission, new sounds

Authors: Forza Motorsport 3, Jack EVO, by maz_man™, jon-ruda, Johnson Rudnosein, nfsprodrive


10 thoughts on “Audi RS4

  1. Standalone and where to find???

  2. I think you should repair GPS and mirrors 😉

  3. 王子小熙

    but.where can I find this car? or which truck was replaced?


  5. I like the mod. I had to mess with the steering sensitivity in the game settings to get it easier to handle, however the car does tend to understeer a bit when cornering at speed and has the tendency to roll lol. The dash gps and info is upside down. I had to up the braking because it seems to take much longer to stop than when driving a truck at speed, even then it needs some changes in its config if possible.

    If those things could be fixed it would make this car more fun and driveable least to say not having to service repair the car every five minutes.

    If only the dev gave some more mod tools to be able to get other vehicles in the game and make them handle well would really open up this game to those who just want to drive a car in between truck runs or just drive cars or motorbikes only.

    I hope polishing this mod driving wise is possible, it doesnt seem to have a rival yet. Good Job!

  6. Michael Piet

    When is an update coming? crashes at opening the configurator.

  7. lorenzomyc

    it is unfortunate that this audi rs4 rolls over in the corner at 90 mhp

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