Audi S4 B5 V2.1 1.43


– Updated to game version 1.43
– Minor edits and fixes
– New sound


Nimit, Mert İrşi, Azorax Modding, LeafeonGold


11 thoughts on “Audi S4 B5 V2.1 1.43

  1. Hi,would you also make this car mode for 1.42?

    1. I wish I could. Making it for 1.42 means, incompatibility for 1.43. There are a couple of files that are only compatible on 1.43 and above and would crash on 1.42.

      1. Isnt it possible to upload a second Audi for the 1.42 so you have 2 files for each version? just asking 😀 i cant play the 1.43 “Corrupted files” so it would be nicht to drive THAT car in 1.42 x3

        1. Just remove the sound_effects.sui and sound_effects_units.sui from the interior def file and folder, and edit the manifest to 1.42.

          Hope this helps, after all the mod is free to edit 🙂

  2. du könntest auch den mod opel zafira a machen

  3. Arda Ozcan

    porsche panamera yaparmısınız

  4. SplitFire21

    Renault talisman pls

  5. ModsFire üzerinden yükleme yaparken bağlantı hatası veruiyor. Yardımcı olabilir misin Nimit?

    It gives connection problem when transferring via ModsFire. Can Nimit help?

    1. Sorry for the inconvenience. You can try using a VPN or a custom DNS server to overcome this issue.

      The reason I moved to ModsFire is because of more revenue compared to ShareMods.

  6. thomas maclennan

    i can find where to buy any of your mods in game pls help

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