Auramaa OY skinpack

(Skin is heavily (fully) focused on Kast’s trailers and rigid mod)
Volvo fh16 2012
Scania rs (RJL)
Mercedes actros
Mercedes actros 2014

Rigid skin included
(VAK box)

Ekeri long
Vak 13.6m Tandem
Vak 12.6m Tandem
Vak 19m
Vak Semi
Vak 16m + HCT

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2 thoughts on “Auramaa OY skinpack

  1. Albin Herbst

    is it for vovlo rigid or tandem for all scs trucks?

  2. Hey!

    Could you make a truck with a trailer with these:

    -Next Generation Scania P G R S by Eugene
    -Rigid chassis addition for Eugene’s Scania NG by Kast

    -4500 mm chassis
    -4700 mm chassis

    – Wake up
    – NTM

    Feel free to add extra things too like these:

    BC-Belka accessory v2.2 – For double burner lights and sidelights
    1.40 Lightpack by R.H Truckstyling[] – For Pollux led lights
    50k-addons[] – For top bar
    Feldbinder KIP Rigid Addon for Revised Kast[] – For sideskirts
    Rigid Chassis Addon for Eugene’s Scania NG by Kast[]
    Addon: Ekeri Full Trailers Revision[]
    Ekeri Trailers Revision by Kast[]

    Company: Andersson Logistic AB

    With the colors orange, purple and blue free to come up with a cool look and a cool logo for me?

    Thanks in advance!!

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