Australia Tasmania Map v 5.2

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Added a new city, made compatible for TSM maps, for those who play version 1.22, connect vegetation 1.22 crash fix

Authors: ivanmykyta, Paulo Amaral, vovangt4


43 thoughts on “Australia Tasmania Map v 5.2

  1. ivanmykyta11


  2. Female Trucker

    This map compatible with any other maps do you know please?
    Thankyou. 🙂

  3. Female Trucker

    Is this compatible with any other map at all please? Or is it just standalone only with Default Map?

    1. ivanmykyta11

      Map is compatible with other maps, it is not a standalone map 🙂

  4. ivanmykyta11

    Map is compatible with other maps, it is not a standalone map 🙂

    1. CajunMan0001

      what order do these go in? I tried using it with MHAPro and it just bombs to desktop during loading screen.

      1. ivanmykyta11

        What version 1.21? 1.22? try disabling [connect vegetation 1.22 crash fix]

        1. CajunMan0001

          I tried it with the 1.22 Version of MHAPro and rusmap and South Korea. With or without the veg fix, same thing.

          I tried creating a new profile with just MHA Pro, rusmap and this, both without the veg fix and with the veg fix, crashes to desktop during loading screen. and this is without any other mods.

  5. super

  6. 1,22.0.12 super

  7. leo truck und TSM 6.1.1 ok

  8. leo truck und Tsm 6.1.1 und RusMap 1.5.2 und EU Baltic Map super

  9. rmoreiraz

    do you need the dlcs to play this map?

    1. ivanmykyta11

      Yes for mod need DLC sc

  10. its damaged getting errors once again got a garbage download

  11. ivanmykyta11

    To work mod needed DLC ,everything works for versions 1.21 1.22 simply turn off and turn on depending on the version [connect vegetation 1.22 crash fix] it is not hard to do

  12. i can’t able to play this mod. I use tsm & rus map. can u plz say how to lineup the mods! My game version is 1.21

  13. Work with promods+poland rebuiding+rus map+ rusian open space+ baltic country+ south korea adventures map + eaa

  14. Nekem nem lehet látni a térképen. Nem fér bele.

    1. ivanmykyta11

      Nézze meg a videót

  15. ivanmykyta11

    Good day to all who play map
    tas, dear players we please interested in your proposals to Question 1 must evolve further as the map? as we should look like game. Give comment we accept constructive criticism, thank you all for your attention.

  16. Hi ivanmykyta11, your map is nice, but it has too much roads to nowhere. Add more cities, and upgrade the roads so I don’t cross the roads that are going to nothing 🙂 Too less cities in my opinion, and what about circulating the map and starting to make center side? And between Devonoport and Hobart in one section are road works, road straight is locked (but it shows in map, and getting 100% without fixing that is impossible. And there are one nice curvy mountainous road on the south, but it lends to nowhere, fix it 😉

    1. ivanmykyta11

      Thank you! accepted

  17. Excelente MAP for 1.21.s

  18. Montoya Walker

    Have problems running with TSM 6.2:

    – If TSM is running above Tasmap, the Australian map don’t appear
    – If Tasmmap is running above TSM, Cairo and Alexandria are missing

  19. can any one tell me why i cannot get thias map to work in game it does not download a zip file so does any one have anything that would help thanks

  20. can you please make this compatible with eaa map

  21. Indramawan

    It’s can use without dlc?

  22. Mickamikaze_

    Hey all,

    first of all, I realy like your map, it’s awesome those little roads.

    but whit the last update, we have a lot of texture problems. quiete a lot of time we just fall trough the map, the wheels passes trough the maps alos, trees are in the middle of the road.

    a fix would be welcome 😉


  23. ivanmykyta11

    The project must be closed

  24. Je to dobrý má cenu to stahovat do prdele

  25. super truper

  26. This Keeps Crashing Can you help? Might it be my PC?

  27. fake. or tell in which order the mods must be.

  28. LCLBuLLeT

    i`m in Dover, but i cant shipping to australia? what i do wrong? (sorry, for my bad english 🙂 )

  29. Please bring out a patch this keeps crashing

  30. Hobart is to far north and the Tasman Highway past bicheno continues through the town of Sorell and along some causeways, through a small town before going past Hobart Airport and onto a dual carriageway road to Hobart via the Tasman bridge. The is also no Midland highway/Bass Highway/Brooker Highway that connects Hobart, Launceston and Devonport directly. Also the texture of the road surface is good but the force feedback is not picking up enough bumps in it.

  31. Try installing Scandinavian DLC

  32. #### head

    Have limit Can’t see the maps, how to fix it?
    I use 1.26 Version, can you tell me how to fix it ivanmykyta?

  33. I got this working for 1.26. I have rus_open_space, plus, rusmap, plus, tsm 6.4 and this Australia map.
    put these two above the other maps you have:
    zo2_map_tas ets2_V5.2_models
    then put all your other maps in whichever order you use.
    Then put this one at the very bottom of all your mods:
    z02_map_tas ets2_V5.2_def
    Hope it works for anyone reading this, that can’t get it to work..

  34. Please update this map

  35. GamingMuscle

    can you plz update this map

  36. IMHO EU trucks and cars looks unnatural on this map. It should be converted for ATS as standalone or addon map.

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