Australia Tasmania map v5.1


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Fixed some bugs, added new vegetation and roads. 1.21



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17 thoughts on “Australia Tasmania map v5.1

  1. why does this not work?
    I have all the four files in the mods akttiviert

    1. querlyFna


  2. ivanmykyta11

    dlc scandinavia should be

    1. ivanmykyta11

      1.21.1s 2,+dlc scandinavia This is necessary for operation mod

  3. It is a map which can be done? Asking this because I had and the Indonesian map, which proved to be a joke, with roads almost verticals, basically impossible to be climbed, even only with the truck, without trailer.

    Hope this map is not the same concept.

    1. ivanmykyta11

      This map is not the same concept.Map close to real terrain, roads were made so that the trailer truck could drive but with difficulty, test 22 t

  4. does it work with TSM Map??

  5. SeriousSam

    it works with TSM. I could run it without problems. I found Calais as only port being able to get to. Nonetheless no job found (at least for now) from europe to austria but reverse. I could not find an appropriate job within australia itself yet. traffic lights in the cities are on the wrong side. cars changing the side of the road do blink on the wrong side / in the wrong direction. speed limits not shown in the gps. dead end roads w/o warning. time left to hash a job is displayed for inner australian jobs just two minutes. if you go to the agent – nothings there anymore.

    quite a bugged map still, but keep on going dude to fix it – heads up!. it seems to be quite an interesting and funny map.


  6. Drive Safely

    Great map. Thanks for making it compatible with other maps.

    Only problem is there are ferry links back to Europe but no ferry links going back to Tasmania from Europe. Maybe outdated ferry definition?

    1. ivanmykyta11

      We will work on the map:)) is still a lot of mistakes.I not professional in mod when I have time then to do a map.

  7. my game crashes when i load into the game i’ve got TSM active but it does not crash when i don thave it active nut tas don’t show up

  8. Can you make it compatable with TSM? You need make map just a little down. Map looks great, i want to drive it, but without TSM i can’t play, not intersting

  9. Thanks a lot for this map. I know many people said it but please make it compatible with TSM. Your map is currently in the corner of TSM map’s Africa. Just move it a little bit and we could play both of these maps. Thanks a lot again for everything you’re doing

  10. Great work.
    Keep it up.

    I’d like it as a stand alone map, that would be awesome

  11. noelasegg

    Im hav scs file

  12. Please Update

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