Authentic sound DAF XF 106 460 Euro 6 Paccar MX 13 340 Engine voice records

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Congratulations to the truckers!Today I present to you the real sound of DAF XF 106.460 which is recorded under the new scheme.All subsequent sounds will be recorded in this way.For the record this truck took a lot of time and patience.All the sounds of the switches, gear boxes, pneumatic systems, and other recorded it with DAF 106.460 and are completely authentic



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22 thoughts on “Authentic sound DAF XF 106 460 Euro 6 Paccar MX 13 340 Engine voice records

  1. Asphroxia

    depite the title im curious does it work with other HP?

    great mod either way!

    1. VasilyEVR

      On the download page in the blog version for all engines

      1. Asphroxia

        Many many thanks!
        if you were ever to do open pipe sounds i bet they’d be hella awesome! 🙂

  2. It works with DAF XF E6 ohaha?

    1. VasilyEVR

      Yes.Use the version for all engines

      1. The link for all daf 106/105?

        1. VasilyEVR


          1. Spasiby!

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    good job
    Go work on soundtracks to scs
    Why scs do not make such sounds have professional equipment and truck available

  4. Great mod! These are better sounds then the ones from SCS! We beg for more! 🙂

  5. Poor interior sound otherwise it will be great mod for DAF

    1. káposzta123

      You are kidding, right? xD

  6. Красивый звук.Спасибо!

  7. Great engine sound. Many thanks for your work. I myself trucker in real life. So keep the class!

  8. skyfall777

    Great work! Thanks!

  9. As im huge fan of DAF truck and i drive one man you did an awesome job doing this sound its soo realistic and if you can add that air sound on trailers

  10. Louder in interior, please ?

    1. VasilyEVR

      If you are not satisfied with the volume in the interior, use the command in the console “s_interior_volume 2.0″

  11. Francesco

    very nice mod
    Very real sounds
    compliments 😉

  12. Fanstastic job!!

    Thanks for all you do on this tuck.


    Brilliant sound can’t wait to try it on version 1.28 of ets2 and hopefully you make it for all the engines for the XF euro 6 and hopefully you make it for all the engines on the XF 105.

  14. tres bon travail impressionnant

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