Authentic Sound for Trucks V1.0

The Authentic sound runs from patch 1.30 and 1.31 on the following vehicles: All SCS standard trucks!
⬤ Features:
⬤ PRO quality
⬤ 100% Audio recorded by me
⬤ Recorded exterior and interior sound
⬤ Fully standalone sounds
⬤ Includes real sounds of switches in the interior, gearbox, pneumatic, valves dryers, and electro-pneumatic signal, and more other sounds..
If you like my work I will develop it in the next version



6 Responses to Authentic Sound for Trucks V1.0

  1. VasilyEVR says:

    Why do you use the description of my publications?

    • Brizzly says:

      i think he is the same guy as frederique410

      • FinnishTrucker says:

        I think that too. VasilyEVR, you made great jobs with truck sounds. They are very very realistic. I haven’t any driving license because i’m visually impaired, but when i use your mods, i can get feel like i drive all realistic truck, even if it is a game.

  2. Momo says:

    This mod only has DAF sound for all the trucks. And the sound is probably from EVR.

    • Vitaliy7735 says:

      No. From VasilyEVR only description of. Most of the sound files are from Kriechbaum, Oxygen and other authors. The author of the Assembly of all sounds bobo58, and Dimant just stole his mod by changing the image in the file and rewriting the Manifest in his name. Sorry, Google translate.
      Нет. От ВасилияEVR только описание. Большинство звуковых файлов от Kriechbaum, Oxygen и других авторов. Автор сборки всех звуков bobo58, а Димант просто украл его мод изменив картинку в файле и переписав манифест на своё имя.

  3. Trucker_Bob says:

    Vids please and dont herass someone elses mods please! respect the owners mod and dont copy

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