Autism awareness month trailer


This trailer is for autism awareness month with VTCS that are
supporting cause

Sarah Richards Kian J Badcock-richards Joshua Massey Mark Gable
Laura-Ann Turner and James Turner


11 thoughts on “Autism awareness month trailer

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    This is a great initiative! Thank You all

  2. Thank You Freddy Jimmink I was just doing my part to help

  3. GoGA_krawa

    nice mod ! <3

  4. jianzhi94

    love the idea mate 🙂 , got a idea to do a autism livery for the New FH 🙂 too


  5. JuStFire-

    I have Autism! It’s true. This trailer is AWESOME

    1. Jprincemassey

      gald you like this my name is there m8 and please it helped you give creidt to jay5661 for making the trailer

  6. thank you all for your nice comments will try and get more and trucks on asap

  7. My Facebook Pages are
    the last one is a VTC Yellow pages where you can find a VTC to Work for middle one is my mod page everyone is welcome to any of my pages come along and say hi

  8. Martinchik

    This is a very great idea !
    Be sure to have my respect (y)

  9. Jprincemassey

    glad you like that JuStFire

  10. Ilikecheesealot

    this is awesome! i have autism as well, so im just going to tell all my mates at school that im Always Unique Totally Interesting and Sometimes Mysterious. Thanks in advance!

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