New Transmissions For All Trucks V.2.0


New Transmissions For All Trucks V.2.0! Containing 6, 10, 13, 15, 18
and 21 broadcasts! – Update now working for the new Volvo FH16 trucks
2013 to Scania Streamline.

DarkXBlaz, Paulo Sérgio de Oliveira Machado


5 thoughts on “New Transmissions For All Trucks V.2.0

  1. TruckSimFan

    Good mod 🙂

    It should be noted, players will also have to edit various shift control files in their profiles to add the new gears that go above 12.

    An alternative to editing those files is to use automatic transmission that will read the new transmission mods and shift accordingly.

  2. Kill4MeHILL

    It has way too many ERRORS to be in my mod folder. So it gets deleted. Too bad. Nice try.

  3. gwadacaps06

    thank you for this mod but can you create transmission with retarder (air brake) and for 21 gear more long for touch speed without burn fuel plz

  4. loveonlove

    you are v1.8.5.2 ?

  5. Thanks for the MOD. I would like to point out that the Eaton 13 speed only has 12 speeds plus low, there is no 13, and the Eaton 18 only has 16 speeds including to low gears, 17 & 18 does not Exist. If you could fix that up next time you do an update, it would be realistic.

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