AvanueLf Sound Pack V9

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Hi All Welcome AvanueLf Sound Pack Mod Description

English Description:

In this version many features added

Some added features

İdle vibration script and sound

Tire sound on grounds

+5 prefab sounds

Air brake sound re-edited



6 thoughts on “AvanueLf Sound Pack V9

  1. Video Test ^^^^youtube.com/watch?v=u558ysXRkW8

    1. Thx man

  2. Keke mod iyide resimlere naptın auhsudaud

    1. Efekt 😀 biraz abartı oldu ama adını yazmayı unuttum 🙁

  3. No sound from other vehicules… that I could hear in my cabin!

    1. Sorry sometimes such mistakes happen 🙁

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