Back Right Camera in gps (BETA TEST)


THIS IS MY FIRSTMOD.I have take some ideas from Pivas mod front mirror in gps.This is a BETA TEST mod if you have any problems i don’t have the solution.
-Installation:Put the scs file into the mod folder go to the game and
give its a high priority and remove any mirror mod.
-To contol the camera press F4 2time and go to (4)
-You lose your gps
-to make the mod work press F2 one time

Thanks to piva for the idea if you have a problem contact with me



14 thoughts on “Back Right Camera in gps (BETA TEST)

  1. zeeuwsetrucker

    on the picture i see the left mirror in gps.
    problem is that you have to face the camera for the mirror to work, that is wy you can not put right mirror or even back mirror in front of you. I have tryed several times, but could not get it to work.
    only left or front mirror because the are in your sight.

    1. its works like camera no like don’t read the title and i know this.but its camera no mirror

  2. Waltencyr

    IS VERY GOOD MOD. RUNS straight.

  3. video?

  4. Hice idea with right_hud. Сongratulations!

    1. yea thanks.Thank to your mod front mirror i make this thank you for me

  5. I definitely need to see a video

    1. I can’t make the video now.Low internet speed sorry

  6. Hey Greg, nice going,,, it works. At first its deceiving, because the camera looks like its the left hud, because the back end of truck is on the right side of the camera. But its not its the right hud. Way to go! Can you do this for ATS? Thank you, and thanks for sharing.

  7. It also seems to be working for ATS….Nice. The only broblem I see is at night, its difficult to see the sceen.

  8. EDIT: ATS Works but at night turning lights on does not illuminate the screen like it does on ETS2. Would it be possible to make (fix) for ATS….Thanks again. Great job.

  9. upload this mod on steam

  10. The camera is good. But only as back Navigator back?

  11. Can’t go back to gps after…

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