Baikal R18 Map

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This map is designed for a certain type of people who are not afraid of masochism who have strong nerves, for those who like simulation and not arcade, if in doubt, better go party.
Expect the card to be a pleasure – NO it is not, just say, after a long flight you will not feel relaxed, refreshed, may quarrel with his family due to nerves… So decide from, you have it!!! I doubt it, better pass on.

Game version: 1.28.x

DOWNLOAD 1.4 GB Part 1
DOWNLOAD 1.1 GB Part 2


18 thoughts on “Baikal R18 Map

  1. Need DLC’s ?

    1. MetalGhostxD


  2. Need DLC’s ?

  3. mbd?

  4. how to instal this map?can you help me please

    1. 1. DLC “Going East!”, “Scandinavia”, “Vive la France” and “Heavy Cargo Pack”must be disabled or deleted.
      2. You need to create a new profile.

      1. I dont know how to deleted dlc or disable

        1. Наталья

          Через стим, если есть лицензия, в официальных дополнениях снять галочку и запустить игру.

  5. please tell me the way,to disable the DLC`s at Steam…THX

  6. Works On v1.30 Also?

  7. walacy renato


  8. Great mod ! ;D

  9. the trucks and trailer physics changed too more! some road can’t pass through

    1. @nmgsyp
      Its build that way that GPS not matching real roads in some sectors. There is no dead end on roads there is bypass roads, just look for them an look where is traffic riving and follow them! 🙂

  10. Go+to+dlc+browser+icon+on+very+first+screen+when+game+starts+at+upper+left+corner


  11. Leandro Eliarkim

    Esse Mod tem na linguagem português – Brasil?

    1. Leandro Eliarkim

      This “mod” has in Portuguese – Brazil?

  12. XDENNISX222

    there are no vehicles why

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