Balkan Currency 1.1.

Balkan-Currency-5.0+Real-Balkan-Economy-1.0-2 Balkan-Currency-5.0+Real-Balkan-Economy-1.0-1

The real and best Balkan Currency in Web
Countrys: Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania
Ready for 1.15.x.and up
All bugs were corrected
All Currency are refresed and new values have been added
This is the Normal Economy version

Please be in this mode and in his comments not fight about political , national things , the game is not the place for it …
I just want that in this game we put some Balkan charms
I’m not a nationalist , stop me and myself insult each other , for discussions about politics and other things that are not games you have other forums !
Thank you for your understanding .



11 thoughts on “Balkan Currency 1.1.

  1. if you don’t want political fight delete the Word macedonia and write the right name (ONLY FYROM FOR NOW) and there is no problem!!!!

    1. GamerHacker

      The game isnt place for that stuff.
      I say please to all to not write this stuff here,everybody who writes somthing political i will report to admins!

      1. A ti majmune vrati se u prvi razred i da naucis prava imena,mater si GRCKU i tebi!!!

      2. Ili bolje,idem ti report na svaki novi mod sa ono ime,i briga me

      3. MacedonianWarrior

        We do not want the hassle, but to be our country writed as our name Macedonia 🙂

    2. Sakis,you adn all greek donkeys can lick our #####!

    3. decko, ne kenjaj. mi je jos uvek zovemo makedonija i to nema veze ni sa cim. to sto je makedonija pokrajina u grckoj nema nikakve veze sa igrom. ako ne zelis ovo, nemoj da daunlodujes.

  2. you will never be Makedonians for one and only reason!! you are slavs!!!! Makedonias was e Greek tribe!!! Greek speaking tribe with Greek names! If you want so much to have the -onians ending we can tell you monkeydonias!! it fit right to you! ok now monkeydonianwarrior????

  3. risteperkano

    shut up donkey tell that to your father

  4. risteperkano

    and clearly i can tell you ,, you re a one nationalist and political mind

  5. RedDragonMK

    Sakis, we were, we are, and we will allways be Macedonians, just becouse you were, are, and will be Greeks !!! I think it is time 4 you guys to finaly understand that it is two different things … Macedonia and Greece were at war ? Remmember ? No nation goes against its own … i honestly dont know what they teach you in schooll in Greece, but the fact is – In the time of a WWII,the greek goverment desperetly seek for help from macedonians from the northen part of Greece (a.k.a Egejska Makedonija), a part of Macedonian territory devided in 1913 in Versailles. Macedonians did help you greeks basterds, fighting in the first lines of deffend against axis, after what you bettrayed macedonian trust and support, and tries to assimilate them … You greek made the biggest holocaust apon macedonian people, prohibiting our nation, language, tradition, religion and everything … Every macedonian villige in Greece was bombarded from the US and GB airplanes by your command, cuz you as*holes didnt have one … Females were raped, and then killed. The people were hopeless … part of them start acting like they are greek, so they can stay alive, the other part run across the border to MACEDONIA !!! That’s why you greeks are so afraid to confess that we are Macedonians, becouse you will lose the upper part of Greece, or shall indemnify the families expelled from Egej … That is today’s Greek politic too, all you want is to humiliate us, and destroy us … so … learn some true history, than you can comment a nation !!! Long live Macedonia !!! ДА ЖИВЕЕ МАКЕДОНИЈА !!! МАКЕДОНИЈА ВЕЧНА !!!

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