Balkan Currency + Real Balkan Economy 2.0

Balkan-Currency-5.0+Real-Balkan-Economy-1.0-2 Balkan-Currency-5.0+Real-Balkan-Economy-1.0-1

The real and best Balkan Currency in Web
Countrys: Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia/FYROM, Bulgaria, Romania
Ready for 1.15.x.and up
All bugs were corrected
All Currency are refresed and new values have been added
Prices are recreated like in Balkan
All the amounts are new, more realistic
It very hard Economy

Please be in this mode and in his comments not fight about political , national things , the game is not the place for it …
I just want that in this game we put some Balkan charms
I’m not a nationalist , stop me and myself insult each other , for discussions about politics and other things that are not games you have other forums !
Thank you for your understanding .



2 thoughts on “Balkan Currency + Real Balkan Economy 2.0

  1. RedDragonMK

    GameHacker, pls delete the FYROM addon … We did respect your work, so i think you should respect our nation … otherwise we shall consider you as a greek supporter, intended to encourage national hatred between Macedonian and Greek people …. In the future, try not to use the refference FYROM (only used by greeks for bilateral use), but our name recognised by allmost every country in the world, and the United Nations – Republic of Macedonia , or, simply , MACEDONIA !!! Thanks !!! ДА ЖИВЕЕ МАКЕДОНИЈА, МАКЕДОНИЈА ВЕЧНА !!!

    1. darko imas pozdrav od albanec da zive makedonia taja e nasa tatkovina bravo dobro mu kaza fyrom pff nasata drzava se vika makedonia a inace modov e dobar pozz

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