Barret 50cal Trailer Skin

a few have been asking for this so here it is
full credits goes to those mentioned without there work there is no trailer

Credits: RockweLL, Ventures87, Snaip, Axelrol Wheels: Abasstreppas Update for V1.28: Fred_be Update for v1.30.x.x : KrewlexDesigns


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4 thoughts on “Barret 50cal Trailer Skin

  1. hansetrans

    so senseless

    1. Ja, ist wahr. Solchen Mist braucht man nicht.
      Sinnloser “Skin”, sollte er den Leuten schicken, die es haben wollen.

      That´s right. A s h i t like this we doesn´t need here.
      He should send it to the Peoples who wants it.

      1. mikehackenbacker

        those who want can take it those who dont jog on.

    2. mikehackenbacker

      so put your work up then,so others may comment

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