Base Map freedom 1.44

– Adapted to version 1.44.
– Fixed bugs on some roads.
– 35 closed roads were opened, their connection with other roads was made.
– 10 non-accessible parking lots etc. areas have been opened.
– crash issue fixed.
This update is not a major update. A bigger update will be coming soon.
Future update details briefly;
the whole map will contain dlc. and missing dlc maps will not be a problem. Those who do not own any map dlc will not be affected by this. These changes will be effective on the game’s own map or on the maps in it.



3 thoughts on “Base Map freedom 1.44

  1. RedeX01 = Ataberk = Thief + Fake maker

  2. Castean333

    Work with promods 2.61 ?

    1. gkvfjx gaming

      RedeX01 = Ataberk = Thief + Fake maker

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