BD Creative Zone Map V3

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Description: Hi,This is Shahid,uploading my first own map. Unfortunately the previous versions of the map have not been shared.After a lot of hard working of 12-13 hours/day ,I made this version. You will get 5 files from this download. active it in the mod manager like the photo I have shared.

The map works perfectly in 1.27 and 1.28 version.But My bro tested it on 1.30 version.I hope it will work on 1.30.

Its a standalone map So you have to use my profile. You have to use “BD CREATIVE ZONE MAP” profile. Copy all the profiles and paste them in your profile folder then select

“BD CREATIVE ZONE MAP” in the launch pad.

This map is mainly based on beautiful green area,sand area,snow area,river area,hill area ,mountain area,extreme area,and some views of Dubai roads.So,I think you will love all the variations of the map. Finally
I have a request,if you think this is a nice map,while streaming in the youtube,Please give the full credit.
And If you wanna share then share with the full credit.
Finally I wanna say,”A map means lot of hard working and dedication”
I heartily thank you.



26 Responses to BD Creative Zone Map V3

  1. mdshahid6540 says:

    Hello,I have a few words to say: If you find any problems of profiles,then make a profile by yourself.Before selecting the headquarter,close the game pressing “Alt+f4”.then active the mods in the manager. And then go to the profile at that time select the headquarter in my map on the left side.amd keep playing. Precaution the snow areas are too slow,you need a powerful truck to go through this.. Then if you need to cheat then go to youtube and search how to increase money and xp… Finally wanna say its one of the best map by me. And I am a very new map maker,if u fund any problem,please forgive me…. THnaks.. Good luck..

    And I have a kind request, if it didnt work contact with me.I will help you to active it.But please at least dont dislike.I have worked very hard on this. Contact me here

  2. spartacus33 says:

    Hello Dear !!!
    I go to try your Map on 1.30 xxx (last update) and report here…
    Thx mate to sharing your work…see later !

  3. ronaldo_432 says:

    good map work good on 1.30

  4. BlondeDriver says:

    Passenger mod included?

  5. Beth says:

    Where Is It A Map Of?

  6. BlondeDriver says:

    Not working on 1.30 xx !

  7. tum says:

    it work on 1.30 but not all cities,also i found map jateng inside your map,, so you stole it?

    • mdshahid6540 says:

      Nope…..You can see the map photo yourself….. jateng extreme was developed by me… google it… That is better.. And there is nothing called “stole” Because Jateng extreme was absolutely a free mod.. So I guess that is disrespectful…. And this is my map… I have worked hard on this..

  8. venntie says:

    karte gut aber wenn ich lkw kaufe fliege ich zwischen ramcomdapur und kashipur stürzt mir der scheiss immer ab ,Schnelle ladung kein problem aber wenn ich selber lkw fahre ist das mist mit der karte .Weis nicht was der mist soll mit der karte ,sind immer wieder vferbugt oder gehen erstz gar ned .Bin stinkensauer darüber ,mann sollte die karte vielleicht erstz mal testen wens funkieniert freigeben ,aber bitte nich so ein scheiss mann ,Schade um die karte .Gibzs denn nicht mal ne karte die einwandfrei funktioiert ??

    • mdshahid6540 says:

      i do not understand clearly what you mean. But I have understood that you faced some kind of crashing problem. But surely I thank you for reporting. And I am really sorry for that. I am really a very new map maker. But when I tested I did not face this kinda problem. But still I try to optimize everything and try to find out the problem. I beg pardon of this bad experience. And Please explore other areas I tried to make those parts interesting. Thank you.

  9. özcan says:

    winrardaki 4 scs dosyasını oyuna atıyorum tır galerileri çıkmıyor sürümüm 1.28 yapabilen kısaca nasıl yapıldıgını yazabilirmi benmi yanlış bişey yapıyorum

  10. Beth says:

    Nice Map, Just Couple Things. Some Cities Do Not Have Any Quick Jobs Or Freight Market Jobs Available And Also Some Cars Just Disappear Into Nowhere.
    In Log Are Errors About Prefabs Etc. Here Is Link If You Want To Have A Look

  11. RenkoPlay says:

    What dlcs i need for this map?All map dlcs?

  12. Bhagwant123 says:

    Please upload download link of this map on so that we can download easily

  13. Bhagwant123 says:

    Not working without any dlcs so make this mod standalone but with any dlcs because dlcs not available for everyone I am also included in those users who have not any dlcs so make it again but without any dlcs or standalone please

  14. Bhagwant123 says:

    Like amazonas Map this map is working properly without any dlcs

  15. Muhammad Ilham Nur Wakhid says:

    That is basw map jateng v2 from indonesia, did you get permission from bang donal ?

    • mdshahid6540 says:

      I think you should see the Jateng map photo first!! I didnt edit jateng !! I expanded my own side.. If I make a map beside Europe. Will u tell me I need permission from scs? See tthat!!! And Jateng was a 100% free mod stated by donal himself

  16. geosdriver says:

    wath is the password for arhive ?

  17. Nafi says:

    Are you sure its made by you? Because its looks like indonesian jateng map. Have you ask bang donal to edit it.

    • mdshahid6540 says:

      I think you should see the Jateng map photo first!! I didnt edit jateng !! I expanded my own side.. If I make a map beside Europe. Will u tell me I need permission from scs? See tthat!!! And Jateng was a 100% free mod claimed by donal himself

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