BDF Tandem Truck Pack v61.0


UPDATE: v61.0 (Game version 1.22.x OR ANY LATER version is needed.) 1.22.x ready

Latest update adds 6 more tandem trailers to the pack. (2 axles Curtain, 4 axles Curtain, 3 axles Profiliner, 4 axles Profiliner, 2 axles, Cooliner, 4 axles Coolliner)
So now total trailers is 13 different. A little explanation will follow on how to use them separated or together.

Flemming V


17 thoughts on “BDF Tandem Truck Pack v61.0

  1. Is this mod compatible with Scania RJL ?

  2. Blaziken777Sverige

    It takes 2-3 hours to download it, despite i have very good internet connection. @~@

    1. It´s the server, it isn´t that good as it have many years on its back

      1. there are other host (faster) on authors’s site

  3. Fleming V thanks to this work
    but when it will be possible to edit the sides of the boxes separately?
    happy Holidays

    1. nportegies skins

      @ Fleming / Zoso

      Fleming, now you can separate the sides skinning ?
      Unfortunately, many skins companies now not possible with the template for one operation for both sides.

      Gr. nportegies skins

  4. Nice job !! but can you not make it with the S Verbeeks skin ?

  5. il video

    1. Hello, Vlemming,
      thank you for the Mirror, Time for DL around 5 Minutes.
      The other is around 12 Minutes.

      Happy new Year.

  6. nportegies skins

    Does not work unfortunately with the DAF XF 50Keda nor the RJL.
    Elsewhere stand mods Fleming for the RJL, but the DAF XF gives problems with the grill in version 1.22.

  7. How can i ad the cargo bay onto the truck

  8. Shogoon1984

    Does it work for RJL too?

  9. I havent got a Skin on the Trailer can anyone help ?

  10. Horst Wendling

    How can i do the skinning? Your ” ” is Password-protected

  11. Can you do a Video on how to edit Tandem bdf I dont Understand the Instructions

  12. Christian Angelov

    Seriously?Say’s it’s+for+1.22,+i’m+running+’s+mod+for+1.27v.+###+Dude.

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