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As the holidays go, I decide to give you my Bergerke which I created completely from scratch. I do not have time for the game any more, so I do not want her to be lost somewhere on the disk. Besides, I’m backing away as I see everywhere only those Kronki, Wieltonki, and Schmitze. The only request is that you respect my work and if you want to share this trailer somewhere further, please provide the authors

Bajda (Patryk Bajda) Błażej Prymaka, Ventyres,
Konwert GTS – Ets2 PolishDriverTruck

Bajda (Patryk Bajda) Błażej Prymaka, Ventyres,PolishDriverTruck


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5 thoughts on “Berger EcoTrail

  1. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  2. azannya26

    Can I costumize this trailer only for private using?

  3. Simweed77

    Weight ?
    20 t ?
    25 t ?

  4. Pretty Trailer!!! thanks…

  5. I can’t find the “scs” file in this “rar” file

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