Berlin 2.0 by pit19169


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This mod add map new Firm (not replaced) for Original scs map.
Only work with -> Map by Pit + EU Map + RusMap
Don`t work with TSM.
Author: Pit19169
Patch: 1.16

by pit19169, SCS


5 Responses to Berlin 2.0 by pit19169

  1. geoff1 says:

    more info please

  2. TeddyBear says:

    Compitable with promods?

  3. Petert says:

    Hey wen ihr schon meine map wo anders hochladen tut dann mit original link und Namen Danke
    Gruß pit19169

  4. Lucas says:

    Don’t bother downloading these mods, i’ve tried 6/7 of these mods, all they do is just crash your game, some of the mods work, but most of the don’t!!
    Please don’t bother downloading these mods or you will just have lots of frustration instead of fun!!!

    • Lucas says:

      If mod creaters are reading this, please update your mods so they work instead of crashing please!
      Thank You!

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